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Journalism Pieces

Label Guide from the Winter 2012 edition of The Planet magazine
John Allen’s Record Night Propels Western to Win
Postsecret Founder Visits Western
Center for Service Learning Seeks Volunteers for MLK Day
Ethnic Student Center to Host “I have a dream” Candlelight Vigil in Red Square
Drag Show Auditions Approaching


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Creative Writing

The Daily Neopets

For many of these, I co-wrote them with another person and can only take credit for anything involving “Lydia.” These are all based in fact – the results we reported on were actual results from Neopets’ annual event, The Altador Cup. We just took liberty in how we reported it.

During the archiving process, the html is not preserved properly and there is no way to fix this as of right now.


I was the director of the Altador Cup Coverage this year and was up almost every night editing what the writers produced.

Haunted Woods Set to Take Victory, Blue Techo Gurgles
Mermaids Make Waves as Round Four Concludes
Fossils Rock Robots
Round 4 Sweeps By, Ceiling Tile Prices Rise
Fossils Break Through Magma Lines
Spark of Hope for Altador, Robots Run Haywire
In Which Most Matches are Sweeps and No One is Surprised
Meepits Implicated in Foul Play Investigation, Broom Thefts
Virtupets take the Cup by Storm
Behind the Scenes with the Yooyu Keeper


I was the director of the Altador Cup Coverage this year and was up almost every night editing what the writers produced.

Altador and Kiko Lake Rock Day One


I also served as editor for other writers this year.

Pirates get Sunburned
Round Three! What’s That? You’re in a bracket with who?!
Kikos are Friends, Not Food
Kikos Take Maraqua by Storm
Molten Magnificence Continues
Hotheads Burning Brightly
A New Day for the Knights
First Day of Sweeps and Sweat


01110011 01101100 01101111 01110100 01101000
Finals, Finals, Finals!
Round Robin Closes for Altador Cup VI
Round Robin Rolls into Final Stages
Maraqua Knocks Virtupets Out of Top Spot
Mummies Wrap Up A Clean Sweep
Knights Storm Into Top Spot
Moltara Steamrolls Krawk Island
Ninjas Rust Robots
Dinos Left a Little Chilly
Ninjas Successfully Hide from Mummies
Terror Mountain Chillers Outmatched in Yooyuball
Altador Cup Underdogs Come Out Swinging
Ghosts Blow Out Hotheads
Team Captain Interview: “Wizard” Windelle of Team Meridell


Formal Writing

Environmental Impact Assessment on the effects of asbestos in Swift Creek

I apologize for the inconvenience, some people have reported difficulty viewing the document without google documents/drive activated. If you don’t want to enable this just to view this document, send me an email at mary.k.shoup at gmail dot com and I can email a copy to you.


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